De-Stress and Unwind After a Long Day’s Work

De-Stress and Unwind After a Long Day’s Work - Live. Love. Lace. a fashion blog by René Rofé

Every day we come home after a long day of work, and we are ready to de-stress. What’s the first step? Changing out of your work clothes and into the loungewear to relax and forget about the day’s stresses. Maximize your chill session with the coziest fabrics and these comfy classics from René Rofé.

Cozy Underwear

Intimate apparel clings the most closely to your body all day long, so reduce your day-to-day stress by avoiding underwear that pokes, itches, or rides up on you when you wear it. Your ability to unwind can be quickly and easily accessible if you can just remove your outerwear and relax in your underwear after a long day.

This 10-Pack of Cotton Bikinis is just the ticket to instant relaxation in style. Featuring two playful prints and three solid shades of grey, black and hot pink, these panties feel soft against the body with a comfortable fit that you’ll want to stay in all day long. The bikini cut gives them a sexy look that also sits comfortably on the hip to keep your legs free and clear for comfort. Pair this comfortable bikini underwear with your favorite loungewear to keep cozy from the inside out.

Loungewear Bottoms

On top of your cozy underwear, you’ll need some comfortable bottoms to enable you to unwind with ease. As they keep the bottom half of your body warm and covered, you want to avoid bottoms that are too tight at the waist or the crotch. Your best bet is to look for lightweight loungewear bottoms to make you feel most comfortable.

The 4-Pack of Yummy Butter Soft Lounge Shorts is a set that offers quality, maximum comfort, and style. Included in the set are two prints — one striped in grey with little pink hearts and the other with a tie-dye-inspired look in different shades of red, white, and black. As the product name suggests, these lounge shorts are made with a buttery soft fabric that you’ll love to unwind in.

If you’re looking for warmth and relaxation, the 2-Pack Jogger Pants are warm and cozy and come in a stylish plaid print and black, which will easily pair with any top. These pants are also perfect for a quick errand. They provide all the warmth and comfort you’ll need while on the go as much as they’ll help you to unwind!

Matching Sets

The easiest way to unwind is by being in a complete set that is made for effortless relaxation. When bottoms and tops are sold together, it takes the guesswork out of deciding what to wear, which brings you one step closer to being able to unwind. A perfect matching set to unwind in will be made out of lightweight, breathable material so that you are still comfortable and cool.

The 2-Piece Hacci Robe & Jogger Set is a must-have for comfort and style. Hacci fabric is known to be super soft and therefore is a perfect material for loungewear. This long-sleeve robe features a long, draping bottom that will flow as you walk and comfortably keeps you warm. The stylish jogger-style pants are made to unwind in with their draw-strip waistband that easily adjusts to give you the most comfortable fit.

If you want to unwind in the grandest fashion, find yourself comfortable and cute loungewear that is perfect for staying indoors, such as the 4-Pack Loungewear Hacci Capri Set. Featuring two pairs of capri pants in a grey, pink and white color combo and a darker grey version with pink hearts, the bottoms pair with matching tops that include a solid dark grey version and a second lighter grey version with a lighter print. Also made from ultra-soft Hacci material, these sets can be mixed and matched for a variety of style options.

It's a must that everyone gets to unwind at some point in the day because we all need to de-stress and enjoy life. With work, family, relationships, and tons of other responsibilities, stress is practically inevitable in life, however, with the right clothing you get to reach that point of relaxation with a lot more ease.