Fabric Care & Washing Guide

Fabric Care & Washing Guide - Live, Love, Lace, a blog by René Rofé

There’s nothing worse than having your favorite article of clothing get destroyed because the proper washing procedure wasn’t followed. Especially when it comes to intimate clothing like your bras, panties, sexy lingerie, and comfy sleepwear, it’s a shame to have your pieces go to waste. 

Whether they’re for lounging, sleeping, or seducing a lover, your underwear and intimate attire require as much attention as your fashionable outfits for nights on the town. They are the items that are worn the closest to your body and caring for them properly ensures that they’ll continue to hug your body in all of the right spots.

While your best bet is to always check the label on your intimate apparel pieces for guidance on how to best care for the fabric, we’ve put together a simple guide to help steer you.


To keep bras looking and feeling their best, you need to care for them properly. Different materials call for different considerations when it comes to washing. For the highest level of care, hand wash your bras (particularly if they have an underwire) in order for your bras to maintain their shape and comfort against the skin. Here are some tips on caring for common bra fabrics.

Nylon: Sexy yet comfortably nylon bra styles such as the Rene Rofe Seamless Light Support Sports Bra are machine-washable and are even safe to be tumbled dry on a low temperature. 

Lace: Keep your favorite lace bras looking their best by hand washing your most delicate pieces. You can hand wash your favorite lace lingerie pieces, such as the Rene Rofe Full Cup Lace Push-Up Bra using soapy water, and allowing the item to soak for up to 30 minutes before completely rinsing, removing excess water, and allowing it to dry.

Polyester: While other garments made from polyester are machine-washable, keep your polyester bras, such as the sexy-yet-comfortable Soft Foam Wireless T-Shirt Bra, looking and feeling fresh by washing it by hand. This careful method ensures that the colors of your bras stay looking vibrant and sexy. Dry your bras by laying them flat.


Once you find your favorite panty, you want to keep it lasting through many wears. While Rene Rofe offers a variety of multi-pair packs of panties to make sure that you’re regularly stocked, proper care for your panties ensures that each panty will maintain its proper, comfortable fit for as long as possible.

Lace: While some extremely delicate lace panty styles may require hand washing using a similar process as washing a lace bra, Rene Rofe offers an assortment of lace panties that are safe to wash in a washing machine. Styles including Lace Bikinis, Cheeky Lace Panties will maintain their vibrant shades and comfortable fit following a gentle wash. Lay your lace panties to dry to ensure that they maintain their shape.

Cotton: Among the most convenient fabrics for panties is cotton, which is machine-washable and can even be washed using hot water. Cotton can also be dried using high heat. Sets like Rene Rofe’s 10-Pack of Cotton Bikinis keep you from doing frequent laundry a hefty assortment to hold you over.


Comfort is king when it comes to sleepwear. To maintain your sleepwear feeling its softest, use the appropriate washing machine settings.

Polyester: Pajamas made from polyester, such as Rene Rofe’s Women’s Hacci Capri Sleepwear Set, are conveniently machine-washable using cool to warm water and a gentle setting. Be sure to wash your polyester sleepwear with similar colors.

Rayon: Sleepwear made from rayon is safe to wash in the washing machine using the delicate cycle and a low setting for drying. To keep your rayon pieces the safest, wash your garments in a mesh bag. 

Sexy Lingerie

Often your skimpiest — and delicate — pieces, sexy lingerie requires the highest level of care in order to keep your favorite items intact and to provide the most flattering fit.

Lace: Whether your sexy lingerie item is a sturdy one-piece like the Rene Rofe Sexy Lace bodysuit Deep V Teddy or a more delicate set like the Three-Piece Lace Bra and Panty Garter Belt Set, you should wash your lace sexy lingerie gear by hand using soapy water. Soak the pieces for up to 30 minutes before squeezing out all of the excess water and laying it flat to dry. 

Fishnet: Sexy lingerie made out of fishnet material is extremely sensual, however, these items are very delicate and you want to avoid it snagging on any other items because it may tear. For this reason, you should also wash your fishnet lingerie by hand. Styles such as the Rene Rofe Sexy Fishnet Bodystocking or the Sexy Fishnet Full-Length Babydoll feature a distinct look that you want to keep looking their best by using a gentle soap to hand wash your garments, then lay them flat to dry.

Take care of your intimate apparel pieces and they will take care of you; keeping you feeling comfortable, fresh, and ever so sexy.