Summer Shopping Guide 2023

René Rofé Blog - Summer Shopping Guide 2022

Bring the Heat this Summer

It’s finally summer; and now that the sun is out, you’ll doubtless want to show off a little skin, work on that tan, party it up, and maybe even enjoy a steamy romance or two! It’s the perfect time of the year to flaunt outfits that are spicy and scandalous while showing off all that hard work you’ve done during winter to maintain your summer body.

To really make the most of the summer season, we’ve curated a guide that brings together the best summer lingerie for women that will help you look your best no matter what your summer plans are.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

There are plenty of ways your lifestyle might change in summer, and you’ll need the right outfits to keep up. Summer is, of course, beach season, which means you’ll need womenswear that is comfy, shows off plenty of skin, and looks stunning.

When the sun sets, the nights can be just as hot since party season will also be going on in full swing. Whether it’s exciting outdoor festivals or exclusive nightclubs, you’ll want to wear something that’s form-fitting and allows for plenty of movement so you can be on-fleak while on the dance floor.

And let’s not forget that summer is also the season of romance. If you’re looking to spellbind your partner, you’ll need magical outfits that blend together the perfect amount of cheeky fun and bold personality.

Summer Lingerie for Women Who Love the Beach

If your ideal summer is all about being at the beach and soaking up the sun, then the following selections are just for you. Blending a scintillating mix of seduction and style, you’ll certainly stand out for all the right reasons.

Bound Girl Bodysuit
Bound Girl Bodysuit $34.99

This unique summer lingerie for women brings together a scintillating design to turn up the heat for the summer. The sizzling straps of this bodysuit guide the eye to all the right places while the top and bottom cover just enough to spark the imagination. With a choker-style neckpiece that connects to a top that highlights just the right amount of cleavage and a thong that showcases your tush, you’ll be able to flaunt your figure effortlessly. Super supportive, comfortable, and form-fitting, this is stunning summer lingerie for women who really want to stand out from the sea of similar summer lingerie for women and have all eyes on them at the beach.

Treat Me Right Strapless Bodysuit
Treat Me Right Strapless Bodysuit $29.99

Hearkening back to those iconic Baywatch bodysuits, this fiery-hot red number truly embodies the summer beach spirit. With a downright scandalous strapless design, this is the ideal bodysuit for anyone looking to bare plenty of skin while leaving just the right amount hidden. The main design highlight of this bodysuit are the semi-open sections that accent your body’s curves. If you want to seriously turn up the heat at the beach, this outfit is sure to get the job done.

Festival Flirt 2 PC Bra Set
Festival Flirt 2 PC Bra Set $29.99

Showcase your flirty fun side and personality with this cheeky two-piece set that makes use of a pot-leaf embroidered motif. The scoop neckline highlights your cleavage while the thong-backed panties are innocent from the front, but are also guaranteed to let your derriere shine. Made of a comfy and stretchy sheer material, your body’s natural shape and curves will be on show and garner plenty of attention. Since this set is translucent, be sure the beach you plan to wear it in can handle the heat you’re about to bring!

Summer Lingerie for Women Who Love to Party

Summer is the best time of the year to go wild and have fun. To be the talk of the town, you’ll need outfits that are not only sexy but also comfy enough so that you can dance the night away. This selection is designed to turn heads, make you the center of attention, and the life of the party!

Roll Up Net Mini Dress
Roll Up Net Mini Dress $29.99

Mini dresses are always a stellar choice for a night out on the town. When your mini dress boasts a fishnet design, you know you’re going to look fire no matter what summer party you attend. While this outfit captures the classic shape of a mini dress, it challenges convention by showing off plenty of skin with its multifaceted fishnet design. Pair this saucy dress with an equally steamy pair of panties and bra for some smokin’ summer fun!

Pot of Gold 2PC Skirt Set
Pot of Gold 2PC Skirt Set $29.99

Show your true sensual colors with this vibrant summer outfit that’s unlike anything else. Combining a crop top and a skirt, at first glance it might look like you’re wearing a traditional party outfit, but that’s far from the case! The sexy netting material exposes plenty and hugs your form so that you can flaunt your figure. Pair this eye-catching outfit with a pair of panties and a bra to bring together a summer party look that allows you to move freely, while also being uniquely sexy. You can be certain that there won’t be anyone else with the same outfit as you no matter where you party!

Festival Flirt Net Dress
Festival Flirt Net Dress $29.99

If you love dresses, but also enjoy being a tease, then this is the perfect combo for you! Crafted with a seductive net design in mind, this is the ideal outfit to feel the summer breeze on your skin while also netting yourself plenty of attention. The pot-leaf embroidery adds an additional level of fun to this naughty number as it lets you push the envelope and show that you’re high on life. Pair this dress with a bra and panty set of your choice so that you can blaze a sultry trail at any festival or dance floor!

Summer Lingerie for Women Who Seek Steamy Romance

It’s not just the weather that warms up in the summer, it also happens to be the time of the year for hot romances. Whether you want to impress your partner or just have a little summertime fun, these outfits will make you look sultry, steamy, and downright sexy!

Straps and Mesh Bra and Garter Set
Straps and Mesh Bra and Garter Set $34.99

Sometimes an outfit that embraces minimalism is the best way to really let your body’s natural shape shine through. Look and feel your best with a comfortable bra that brings out the best in you, along with a naughty G-string that will really get your partner in the mood. Eye-catching geometric straps lead the eye to all the right places, while the outfit’s mesh fabric offers a subtle but steamy invitation for your partner to explore further.

Crotchless Lace Boyshort with Garter
Crotchless Lace Boyshort with Garter $24.99

This naughty summertime outfit brings together innocent pink accent pieces with seductive black lace. Make a real statement by pairing the included garter straps with your favorite thigh-highs to have your partner feeling breathless – and we don’t mean because of the summer heat! The final element to this delicious underwear is the fact that it’s crotchless, so you can really fuel the fire to any summertime romance.

Flight Risk Sheer Body Stocking
Flight Risk Sheer Body Stocking $32.99

If you’re after an outfit that fully embodies how hot summer is, this scandalous body stocking is downright scorching. Featuring sheer mesh cups, strappy crisscross bust elements, and a mesh bodice, each element frames your figure just like a work of art. The juiciest part is that this outfit is crotchless, and also has a peekaboo back so you look just as steamy from behind as you do from the front. Honestly, this sexy number is so naughty that it should be illegal!

Own the Summer with Any of Our Provocative Picks

If you pick any of the summer lingerie for women from our guide, you’ll have all the hottest tools in your arsenal to look stunning in just about any location or occasion. Whether you’re a beachgoer who loves spending time under the sun, a party gal who’s most at home on the dancefloor, or even looking for some summer romance in the privacy of your own bedroom, these summer lingerie will accent your figure and make you the center of attention. With a number of sizzling summer lingerie for women to suit your every need, you can finally embrace everyone’s favorite time of the year and be the hottest thing under the sun!