How to Choose the Type of Panties You Need

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Most of us have been wearing panties since we could be trusted to roam around without diapers. As long as someone else was choosing our undergarments, it didn’t really matter to us what types of panties we wore. As we got older and chose our outfits to fit the environment and the occasion, we had to pay better attention to the types of panties we wore. Nothing says faux pas like an obvious panty line in a cocktail dress. That’s why at René Rofé, we sell various styles of panties that complement the common wardrobe.

How Many Types of Panties Are There?

There are 5 basic styles of panties, but shopping for just the right ones can lead you to several more options. Why? Because from those basic styles, designers have come up with different cuts to suit all body types and styles of dress. At minimum, most panties cover the crotch and both hips, but even then, there have been some variations and innovations. Some only cover one hip, while others don’t go over the hip at all, opting for an adhesive to keep the barely-there fabric in place. 

What is the Most Classic Type of Panty?

Everyone has worn a pair of briefs. These types of panties rise up to the waist, or just below the navel, and cover the rear almost entirely. These are the most traditional style so they can be found in the toddler section as well as the area with bloomers for boomers. Briefs can have a control top to help hide the tummy area or they can be high-cut in the leg holes to allow better movement. Briefs are great for everyday wear and go well with jeans or a loose fitting skirt or dress. They are also the first choice for period panties, not only because of coverage but also because of how comfortable they can be.

The Most Popular Panty Styles That Keep You Hip

Bikini-style panties are the next most popular type of panties and sit right at the hip. The sides tend to be a bit narrower and can sometimes have less coverage in the back. They can also be worn with just about any garment, but if your pants or skirt has a low rise, these will be the better option. 

Similar to the bikini, hipster panties sit on the hip and tend to have even more fabric for coverage. The waistband typically stretches straight across rather than dipping down like some other styles. These types of panties are also practical for everyday wear, and you can choose these in lieu of bikinis if you’d like.  If you’re wearing a thin fabric or if your bottoms are tight, try a seamless hipster for a more modest look. 

Which Types of Panties Make You Appear Slimmer?

Surprisingly, boyshorts give you a slimmer silhouette. While some may think that these types of panties can make you look boyish, they are designed to dip low in the back, giving your booty a little extra visual pop, and can lessen the visual emphasis on your front. This is a great style of panty to wear under a dress with a low cut in the back, or even super low-rise jeans. 

The Style of Panty That’s a Little Cheeky

One of the raciest types of panties HAS to be the thong. There’s even a song about it. Once considered the ultimate in risqué wear, the thong is now acceptable in any situation. With a narrow waistband, triangle-shaped crotch, and a thin swath of fabric that goes between the cheeks before widening to meet the waistband, this panty style has become the go-to option for thin or short dresses. With the idea of avoiding the panty line, there are even options to take it a step further with a no-show thong.

René Rofé No Show Thong Featured Product: No Show Thong

Thongs fall under the types of panties known as tangas. Tangas are panties characterized by smaller waistbands and minimal crotch coverage. They include the aforementioned thongs, G-string style panties, and the lesser-known T-front panties, where there is simply just a string over the crotch and no fabric. Tangas are perfect for when a thong may not be enough coverage, but a bikini is a little too much. This style is super easy to find and comes in almost all colors and fabrics. 

Because needs vary, types of panties tend to cross over. The Red Carpet Ready Boyleg Brief panty is a great solution for when you want the boyshort silhouette with a little more coverage in front like a brief.

Of course, every now and then we all like to throw a little spice into our life. Crotchless panties give great coverage where it’s needed… and space where it’s not. René Rofé has a great selection of styles and colors so you can choose your level of hot, hot, hot!

When choosing panties for your next outing, whether brunch with the girls or an evening at home, René Rofé has a style that will make you look and feel your best!