Shop with your senses: Feel good in your clothes

Shop with your senses to feel good in your clothing - René Rofé

Engaging as many senses as possible is often the key to experiencing pleasure in your daily life. Your clothes and the fabrics that they’re made of can make you feel relaxed, excited, and ready to take on the world. To feel good in every “sense” of the word, take into consideration how materials and clothing styles will look, feel, and smell to create a desirable experience and persona that will be unforgettable.


The most important of the physical senses to pay attention to while deciding on an outfit is how it feels against the skin. Your sense of touch comes into play when you choose a fabric because it feels warm and comforting or cool, lightweight and refreshing depending on the weather or activity. The way that your outfit feels on the exterior may even be something that you consider if you’re going to be interacting with another person, such as on a date. Perhaps you want to seduce a lover with a silky dress or lacey lingerie that’ll feel soft and delicate while your lover runs his hands along it.

Feel your most comfortable and confident with a Soft Foam Wireless T-Shirt Bra. Available in a four-pack that includes all-neutral colors, the set offers great value with its assortment that can easily match all your outfits. The soft foam padding adds lift and comfortably enhances your shape with a seamless fit that hides underneath your top. As the name suggests, the bra is wireless so you won’t have to worry about parts of the bra digging into your sides and taking you out of your moment of comfort or confidence. The soft and flexible material of these bras move with you so that you’re always supported without getting in the way. The soft feel of the fabric is soothing against the skin.

For a super-soft feel that will lull you to sleep, the Polysuede Yummy Butter Soft Capri Set comes in a two-pack that includes a fun, wild animal print and a beautiful floral print in black. Made from a blend of comfortable materials, these sets are made for lounging and getting the best rest. Its velvety feel is often compared to that of suede, and wrapping that feel around your body will feel luxuriously warm whenever you’re trying to stay cozy. The material is also breathable to also keep you feeling fresh.

Running errands and even for a last-minute brunch with friends can also be done more leisurely in the right outfit. The 2-Piece Hacci Robe & Jogger Set is stylish and best of all, comfortable, particularly due to its versatile fabric. Hacci is a type of fabric that is made from a blend of different materials such as cotton, wool, or spandex and is stretchy and sweater-like. Perfect for covering up in a chilly grocery store freezer aisle, the soft, drapey robe will keep you cozy while also adding some flair to the accompanying joggers.


You can also create a more thorough, full-body experience with your clothes by focusing on the sense of smell. Scents are often triggers for fond memories, so by spraying your signature scent you may pop up in someone’s mind the next time they smell it. A pleasant scent can also calm you down during stressful events, which is how aromatherapy works.

At the very least, you want to smell good, and thankfully all the items in the guide are easy to wash so treat yourself to a good detergent. You can also make your clothes smell good by spraying perfume onto cotton balls and leaving them in your drawer with your clothes.


Sight might be a more obvious factor when finding the right lingerie, as the goal is often seduction, showing off curves and shaping and supporting the bottom part of the body. There are a wide variety of options that will make you a sight to see!

The 10-Pack No-Show Thong includes pastels and prints on unbelievably lightweight material that will feel almost nonexistent underneath a silk dress or other sheer material. Avoid creating unflattering bunches or bulges with no-show thongs that will allow your natural curves to shine.

Comfortable enough for lounging on the couch and sleeping in, the 2-Pack Lightweight Hacci Jogger Pants come in snake and leopard print, which will certainly catch the attention of anyone that you encounter. Their fun, playful style will also make you smile each time you look down at your bottoms.

Last but certainly not least is the Fishnet Full-Length Sleeve Babydoll, which comes in a sultry red color. The sheer material shows off your body while also providing coverage with the sleeves that cling to the shoulders. This outfit screams lust with its floral lace and its bold and beautiful red color that’s a treat to the eyes. The sheer material leaves very little to the imagination but yet elicits mystery with its timeless sensual style.

Engaging your senses while shopping for clothing is a great way to start easily experiencing self-love whenever you step into your clothes. Allow your sense of touch, smell, and sight to lead the way!