Finding the Best Shapewear for You

Finding the Best Shapewear for You - Live. Love. Lace. a fashion blog by Rene RofeLooking your very best has a lot to do with how you feel, and there’s no doubt that certain fashion styles or materials will often create unsightly bumps that will make anyone feel self-conscious. Shapewear is the easiest solution to get the look that you crave and boost your confidence.

What is shapewear?

The history of shapewear is often tied to corsetry, which was created for the same purpose of giving wearers a well-defined hourglass shape. Today, shapewear is available in an array of styles and are intended to shape thighs, hips, waist, and bust to enhance the wearer’s shape. Aside from enhancing the way one’s body looks, shapewear can also provide back support that can help to alleviate pain while improving posture. Certain styles of shapewear can even improve women with bladder prolapse as it provides lift to the lower stomach area.

Shaping Underwear

With so many different body types, outfit styles, and occasions to consider, shapewear comes in various designs to cater to different needs. Shaping underwear is a great option for anybody who is looking to smooth and slim along the hips, thighs, rear, and stomach area.

This kind of shapewear also has its own variations, including longer boyshort styles that provide more coverage, as well as panties and thongs. The Ultra Hold High Waisted Shaping Thong enhances the figure by providing midsection control while the thong cut is seamless against the hips and rear to prevent panty lines and show off natural curves. For shapewear that provides a feeling of support and freedom at the same time, this thong style is the optimal choice to help you feel the most confident and comfortable.


If your outfit calls for shapewear that provides more support that’s focused on your midsection, then waist cinchers are the quickest way to get the silhouette that you desire. Cinchers are currently making a comeback with the social media craze of waist trainers, and the hype is real! They create an instant slimming effect that will become your go-to when you want to look your very best in a form-fitting dress.

This style of shapewear works wonders by flattening the tummy and creating an hourglass shape with material that compresses, along with a closure that provides firm support as it holds you in. Waist cinchers will help to train your tummy to tighten when worn over time, and styles such as the Firm Control Waist Cincher are made to be worn for long periods with their soft and seamless material that feels comfortable against the skin. Another benefit of wearing the Firm Control Waist Cincher is that it can also help to improve your posture. Additionally, this style of shapewear will highlight your rear because it is designed to fit seamlessly against your body as sits just above the hips.

Compared to uncomfortable rigid corsets, cinchers are better as shapewear because of their lightweight design that can be easily disguised under clothing and worn throughout the day to boost your confidence all day long.


For the most supportive shapewear to wear underneath a form-fitting outfit, choose a bodysuit. Providing coverage and a firm, cinching fit, bodysuits will instantly slim you and allow you to slip into the slinky materials, and give your entire core the foundation you need to keep your belly drawn in.

Bodysuits are a popular style of shapewear because they seamlessly support your entire torso from your shoulders down to your crotch. Featuring supportive shoulder straps, a bodysuit will help to maintain your posture while slimming your shape from all angles. Bodysuits are easy to pair with just about any outfit, including dresses, pants, and a wide variety of tops.

The Open Bust Shapewear Bodysuit is an excellent option for a shapewear option that can pair perfectly with a low plunging neckline. The open-bust style of this bodysuit allows you to pair it with pasties or other low-cut bra styles so that you can reveal as much cleavage as you’d like. Designed to provide maximum support and comfort, the bodysuit is made from seamless material that provides the ideal compression to smooth out the tummy and enhance your figure.

For a more contoured shape, the Smoothing Low Back Padded Bodysuit enhances the look of the chest and features a revealing backside to show off the rear and to easily pair this sexy shapewear style with dresses and tops with low or open backs. This versatile bodysuit is perfect for enhancing any day-to-day style by putting your curves on full display.

No matter what the occasion is, chances are that you are looking for ways to look your very best. Shapewear is an excellent option to give any outfit the added “wow factor” that only your body’s natural curves can provide.