Setting The Mood with Sexy Lingerie

Setting The Mood with Sexy Lingerie - Live, Love, Lace by René Rofé

Sexy lingerie is the go-to garment for any kind of sensual activity. So much so, that it can even make your everyday chores feel more exciting just by knowing what you’re wearing underneath. There is a whole world of lingerie fashion and you’re sure to find the styles that are perfect for any kind of sensuous scenario. Whether you’re looking for an easy, comfy outfit to match your “Netflix & chill” vibe at home or want to turn up the excitement with the use of a little imagination for role-playing, there is a sexy lingerie outfit for you.

The most common lingerie selection that people make when they’re preparing for a sensual affair is something that is black or red, and fairly revealing. While the latter descriptor might be more on par with the end goal of the wearer, sexy lingerie fashion is designed with the latest trends in mind. Today, you’ll easily find lingerie items that are versatile enough to go from running errands to helping you seduce a lover.

Casual, Comfy Sexy

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The chilly months of winter are often tied to romance as people find partners to cuddle up to and spend the holidays with. Of course, comfy clothes are popular all year long, and particularly as couples get more comfortable with one another, their clothing options also tend to lean towards relaxed looks. If you think that comfortable is only available at the expense of sex appeal, then you are mistaken! Whether you’re wearing many layers of clothes to keep warm or to lounge on the couch around the clock, comfortable sexy lingerie exists to bring you the best of both worlds.

The René Rofé Lingerie Lace Thongs 12-Pack feature a wide variety of beautiful, popular colors and are made with a breathable fabric. Feminine and flirty, these thong panties feature a lace floral pattern that will effortlessly set the mood for romance without compromising your comfort. Wear these panties under your PJs or loungewear to stay comfortably ready for a racy romp.

For a Game of Peekaboo

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Seduction and sensual foreplay are all about teasing and making a partner crave more from an intimate experience. Sexy lingerie is the key to seducing a lover by covering your curves in alluring lace that can be as revealing as you wish. Sexy lingerie comes in a wide variety of styles that offer varying degrees of coverage, plus sexy lingerie can be a layer that shows off just a peek of skin.

For example, the René Rofé Sexy Fishnet Full-Length Sleeves Babydoll in red is made of fishnet fabric, however, its long sleeves also provide just enough coverage to tease a partner into wanting to see more. This cut-off bodycon cover-up can be worn over a bra and panties set for indoors, or a tank and boy shorts combo for a fun evening out.

Live Out Your Roleplay Fantasy

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Sexy lingerie is especially useful when you’re planning to explore a role-playing fantasy with a partner. With so many wide-ranging styles, no matter what your role-play scenario is, you’re sure to find a lingerie outfit to visually recreate your fantasy. From French maids to night-time nurses, and more, you can use lingerie to turn into any character.

The René Rofé Sexy Three-Piece Lace Bra, Panty, and Garter Belt set is an alluring style that can be used in several role-playing scenarios. The revealing appearance provides a blank slate to use on its own or to build your own role-play character. Its high neckline and black strappy details contribute to a provocative empowered look that allows the wearer to fully embrace their curves.

Shockingly Sexy

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Bring the club vibes home with lingerie styles that are bold and beautiful in bright, neon colors and sheer, revealing fabrics. Lingerie is often incorporated into clubwear where the colorful lights and music accentuate how the wearer looks and feels on the dancefloor. Shockingly sexy lingerie includes a wide range of styles as mainstream fashion trends continue to embrace increasingly revealing looks.

The René Rofé Fishnet Bodysuit is a must-have addition to your lingerie mix. Its crotchless design makes this style extremely flirtatious and enticing when it’s worn alone or with an outfit. This versatile bodysuit can be paired with your favorite swimsuit or a mini skirt for a sexy, fun outfit for your next festival.

In summary, sexy lingerie isn’t just for special occasions, and can easily be incorporated for all kinds of fun adventures, as well as for doing mundane tasks — while making the activity that much more exciting.