Pillow Fight! All About Planning the Perfect Pajama Party.

Pillow Fight! All About Planning the Perfect Pajama Party - Live, Love, Lace. a blog by René Rofé

Pillow Fight!

Just because you aren’t an awkward thirteen-year-old anymore doesn’t mean it’s easier to connect with friends. In fact, it’s much more difficult now that you have your own life, your own family, and your own career. With everyone running in separate circles, it can be difficult to find the downtime to pour attention into your friends. However, experts agree that a great way to combat this disconnection is also super fun. THROW A PAJAMA PARTY!!

It’s been a while, and you probably didn’t do a lot of heavy lifting on the planning side of things during your teen years, but we have you covered. From planning stages to the big night we’ll take you step-by-step to planning the best pajama party of your life! Let’s get started!

Start a group chat!

First, think about who you would like to have at your pajama party. Consider the ones you love and haven’t been able to catch up with, but also reach out to new friends with whom you may want to build a stronger bond. Make sure that it’s very clear that it will be overnight so they can make arrangements for other members of their families that may be dependent on them. You also want to let them know that your home has limited space and that it’s invite-only. This way, you can curate a fun yet intimate evening without any surprises.


You absolutely do not have to have a theme for your pajama party, but they sure are fun! They also help you make a lot of the decisions around decorations, refreshments, and entertainment. Some super fun themes can include: Movie Night where popcorn is king, and you need a ticket to enter, Carnival with lots of games and homemade cotton candy, or even Spa Day where you have healthy eats and soothing treats for your skin.


If you decide to have a themed pajama party, you already know what aesthetics to look for, but in case you decide not to have a theme, there are a few tried and true pajama party staples.

Build a fort!

Stack all the pillows and sofa cushions until you have a fairly sturdy structure. Use chairs for stability against the cushions on the outside of the fort. You can use blankets for cushioning against the floor, and sheets for a tent or “roof”. Think about fairy lights to create an atmosphere and a bit of light. This can be a great environment for watching scary movies or scrolling through social media together.


No matter what your theme is, balloons are a must-have at any pajama party. You can go basic with mouth-blown balloons all over the floor, or you can go big with helium glitter-filled balloons standing around the room. Regardless of budget or vibe, you can find a balloon arrangement that works for you.


Here is where you can get really creative. You can turn a normally boring room into a magical space using different color sheets. Use lighter sheets for a more spa vibe or darker sheets for a more mysterious look. Simply hang the sheets from the ceiling to the wall so that they drape and create a more intimate space.

Fairy lights!

These stringed wonders can turn any environment into the perfect chill mode. Small warm LED lights can be strung from almost anywhere as a source of low light and can transform any space, any time, and for a fairly cheap price. Fairy lights are the unspoken trick to having a good pajama party.


Food is probably the easiest part of a pajama party. The easiest approach is to get a ton of snacks and order a few pizzas. Alternatively, you can have themed snacks and food. You can cook, cater, or even have cooking as one of your activities. Remember that this is an adult party so don’t be afraid to bring on the booze! Two things that are a must: you have to have popcorn, and you have to have an amazing breakfast. While cereal is fun, it’s not as filling for adults. Consider pancakes, eggs, sausage, or fish and grits. PRO TIP: Create a DIY coffee station the night before so any early risers can make a cup without waking the group.


There is no such thing as a pajama party without pajamas. Whether everyone is in a silly onesie or just in whatever they sleep in, the whole point is to let down the guard you give to the rest of the world and create a more intimate bond with your inner circle. One trend that is particularly appealing is matching pajamas. We see this a lot with families on Christmas Day, but this is just as fun for pajama parties. Ordering matching or complementary sets like a shorts set, sleep shirts, or even a cami set, all by Pillow Talk by René Rofé can be a fun bonding experience that makes for great social media posts later!


You’ll need to have activities, and while a movie marathon is the norm, most of your friends can do that at home in their own beds. Make it exciting by making homemade scrubs together, having a blindfolded jellybean tasting, or a photo booth. Step it up with a piñata full of mini bottles of alcohol and nostalgic candies.


Last but not least, a pajama party IS a party, and a go-bag of party favors is certainly in order. Some fun ideas can be making the bag out of a pillowcase and filling it with some snacks and a bottle of water for super-late snacking. You can throw in some personal items like toothbrush/paste or hand cream. Other ideal items include scented candles, sleep socks, and sleep masks.

Having a pajama party for your adult friends is one of the best ways to create or nurture a bond among a small group of friends. It can be a bear to put together, but with some planning, you can create the best memories – and pictures – you’ve had in a long time!