Picking The Right Pair Of Pajamas For A Good Night's Sleep

Picking The Right Pair Of Pajamas For A Good Night's Sleep - Live, Love, Lace, a blog by René Rofé

Getting a proper night of sleep is vital to having the energy you need to go about your day and enjoy all of the activities that you love doing — as well as being able to handle all of those pesky daily tasks. Comfort is the key to getting good sleep and picking the right pajamas is the first step towards that relaxed state that will lead to the best nighttime rest.

The right pajamas for a good night’s sleep vary from person to person and depend on who you ask. Similarly, your definition of “comfort” will also vary depending on where and when you’re sleeping; and for this reason, most people often have different pajamas for different occasions.

Nevertheless, when you find the right pajamas for a good night’s sleep, they will become your go-to outfit for comfort. As mentioned above, there are a lot of factors that can play a role in your choice of sleepwear, so versatility is key. The fabric that pajamas are made of can determine whether they will contribute to your comfort while you sleep and whether they will be something that you’ll want to continue wearing out of bed.

Lightweight, comfortable and convenient, polyester and rayon are widely sought after fabrics for pajamas — their wide range of benefits speaks for itself.


If you’re looking for a refreshing fabric, look no further than polyester, which is widely regarded as most of the most versatile synthetic materials. Pajamas that are made from a polyester blend, such as those offered by René Rofé, are durable, wrinkle-resistant, and don’t absorb moisture like other materials. It is quick-drying and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable through the night, making this fabric ideal for the right pajamas for a good night’s sleep. Perfect for all-weather, polyester pajamas can also easily be layered to keep you warm through the night.

Polyester is an effortless fabric that is machine washable, making it perfect for nightly wear. As more people settle into working from home full-time, pajamas have become even more utilized nowadays. If you’re someone that lives in pajamas, polyester is an ideal fabric that you can easily maintain fresh and clean.

For a stylish yet comfortable look that you can take out on errands straight out of bed, a sleepwear/jogger set made from polyester will easily take you from the bed to the grocery store. This fashionable set is perfect for lounging and running errands. The lightweight material will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

For even more stylish options, you can mix and match the comfortable polyester/spandex blend short-sleeve shirts and capri pants of René Rofé’s Women’s 2-Pack Loungewear Hacci Capri Set.


Similar to polyester, rayon is another versatile fabric that is perfect for everyday wear. Rayon is known to be comfortable, soft, and breathable, as well as lightweight. It absorbs moisture to keep you cool, however will also keep you comfortably warm under your covers.

René Rofé also offers several comfortable rayon options that are not only the right pajamas for a good night’s sleep, but will also keep you cozy throughout the day. Rest assured that your rayon pajamas can be kept fresh and clean, as they are machine washable and durable throughout numerous washes.

Offering top value, René Rofé’s Hacci Sleepwear Shorts Set includes four pairs of comfortable loungewear shorts featuring fun colors and patterns that are sure to brighten up your closet.

If you feel more comfortable in pants, particularly when running errands, René Rofé’s Sleepwear Soft 2-Pack Jogger Pants set is comfortable and features a fun tie-dye tint that can easily be incorporated into your daytime outfit.

Finding Your Style

In order to find the right pajamas for a good night’s sleep, you need to find the style that is perfect for you. Particularly when so many people work from home, pajamas that are made for more than just sleeping are often ideal.

For a sleek pajama pants style that will quickly become your go-to for travel and errands, the Pillow Talk by René Rofé Sleepwear 2-Pack Jogger Sleep Pants in black is a must-have for comfort and fashion. René Rofé also offers jogger sleep pants other stylish prints, including camo, tie-dye , and more.

If all you seek is comfort then you might want to go with a sleep shirt. These one-piece pajamas are easy to pack for travel and ensure comfort with their simplicity. Get the most maximum comfort from offerings such as René Rofé’s 2-Pack Sleep Shirt Set, which features two adorable and comfy sleep shirts.

To make sure that you always have the right pajamas for a good night’s sleep on hand, René Rofé offers a wide selection of sets offering up to four pieces. Whether it’s two complete sets or four-packs of buttery-soft shorts, René Rofé’s selection of sleepwear has options for you.