The Best Sexy Lingerie for Pear Shape Bodies

The Best Sexy Lingerie for Pear Shape Bodies

Undress To Impress

Picking out lingerie for pear-shaped women can be stressful if you don’t know what to look for. If you’re unsure how to really flaunt your figure, you may even feel underconfident when you put on your new lingerie. Fortunately, if you’re looking to feel empowered while accentuating your sexy figure, taking into account your general body shape can help you select lingerie that will make your partner’s jaw drop. In this article, we’ll be going over the best lingerie for pear-shaped women that, no matter how tame you dress, you can channel your inner succubus!

What Is A Pear Shaped Body?

Before we offer any advice on the best lingerie for pear-shaped women, it’s important for you to know if you fit this body type. You can tell if you’re pear-shaped if you have these 5 body characteristics:

  1. Prominent hips – your hips are wide and flare
  2. Smaller bust – your bust is smaller than your hips
  3. Narrower shoulders – your shoulders are also narrower than your hips
  4. Fuller legs – your legs will have a fuller or more muscular shape
  5. Defined waist – there is a clear waist definition

If you find yourself identifying with most or all of the above criteria, then it is very likely that you are a pear body shape. Of course, this is just a general guide, and your body shape will always be totally unique to you. However, if you find yourself resonating with some of the characteristics of a typical pear-shaped body, then you can try out our tips to find the best lingerie for your body type.

Tips To Make Your Lingerie Worries Disap-pear

There are three main principles to guarantee that you’re selecting the best lingerie for pear-shaped bodies. First, you want to pick lingerie that draws more attention to your upper body. This will help to create better balance and proportion to your overall body shape. You’ll also want to highlight your waist. One of the natural gifts of a pear-shaped body is a clearly-defined waist. Draw attention to your waist to look extra sultry! Finally, since your hips are already wide and juicy, you don’t need to do any extra work to draw attention to them. Instead, let them speak for themselves, while your lingerie can focus on guiding the eye to the upper body and waist.

5 Best Lingerie Items For Pear-Shaped Women

1. Floral Lace Plunge Teddy

Floral Lace Plunge Teddy Shop the Floral Lace Plunge Teddy

If you’re looking to show off plenty of skin while showcasing a balanced silhouette with a slight emphasis on your hips, then this is the outfit for you. The sheer material and floral pattern make the revealing bust area downright scandalous, and widens the neckline, while the low-waisted panties really accentuate the waistline. Best of all, this outfit also does a great job of letting your hips shine, too, by barely covering them at all. By opting for the floral lace plunge teddy, you’re picking the best lingerie for pear-shaped women who want balance, but who just can’t help but flaunt their stunning hips.

2. All Wrapped Up Satin Teddy

All Wrapped Up Satin Teddy Shop the All Wrapped Up Satin Teddy

Plan to look like an absolute treat so that it’s impossible for your partner to wrap their minds around how delicious you look. Accenting pear-shaped bodies in all the right ways, this gorgeous, red outfit accentuates your bust line while also letting your hips naturally flare alluringly. Leaving barely anything to the imagination, this satin teddy really is one of the best lingerie options for pear-shaped women.

3. Straps and Mesh Bra with Garter G-string

Straps and Mesh Bra with Garter G-string Shop the Straps and Mesh Bra with Garter G-string

    A lot of the best lingerie for pear-shaped women feature garters in them. Garters, especially when paired with sexy stockings, really help accentuate the waistline. This racy number makes use of a sheer material to really highlight the bust while the straps create visual flair that helps balance out the silhouette of a pear-shaped body.

    4. Festival Flirt 2 Piece Bra Set

    Let your personality shine with this amazing set of lingerie that makes use of a pot leaf motif to let everyone know you’re high on life. The scooped neckline and sheer material also draw plenty of attention to your bust, which helps create balance given that your hips will look great in the spicy thong that this bra comes paired with.

    5. Pot of Gold 2 Piece Skirt Set

    Pot of Gold 2 Piece Skirt Set Shop the Pot of Gold 2 Piece Skirt Set

    Long sleeves are some of the best lingerie accessories for pear-shaped women. They help elongate the body and keep things visually proportioned. Wearing this vibrant set will guarantee that you’ll have all eyes on you in the best way possible. The netting material puts your whole body on show, though you can pair this colorful ensemble with a push-up bra and some panties if you really want to accentuate your bust area and waistline.

    What Is The Best Lingerie For A Pear Shape Body?

    Now that you know what a pear-shaped body is and how to identify if you resonate with this body type, you’ll be able to pick lingerie that will make you look and feel your best. The options we’ve presented above mix a cheeky blend of playful, seductive, and sultry so that you can wear each item with confidence and pride in your body and its beautiful shape. Never be shy to put on lingerie again now that you know the best way to flaunt your stuff!