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Fashion trends of 2022 - Blog by René Rofé

The forecast for the sexiest lingerie trends of 2023 is already starting to flood the market and you do not want to miss out on the flavors of the season. With so many fashion trends, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of what’s in and what to leave behind but we’ve come up with a guide to the sexiest lingerie trends of 2023 so that you don’t have to wonder what the sheets are saying. 

Our Favorite Lingerie Trend of 2023

The best news we’ve heard all year is that comfort isn’t just ideal, it’s a way of life. It’s also what’s hot and trending in the world of lingerie for 2023. While that form-fitting bustier might turn you from house mom to house domme, you can relax with the fact that we, as a society, have accepted comfort. Lounging around in your Hacci Robe and Jogger Set is just as chic as the athleisure trends of yesteryear. The trend calls for soft breathable fabrics like polyester and spandex. Loose draping silhouettes like the Robe and Chemise Set shy away from structured body-shaping cuts in favor of a more relaxed fit, ideal for easygoing weekend mornings. 

Just because a relaxed fit is the lingerie trend du jour doesn’t mean we aren’t free to show off our curves. Keeping in line with the feel of soft fabrics while still celebrating your sexy shapes are the lingerie trends of bright and bold color spandex. Serendipitously, we have a variety of fashion cuts and exciting colors to keep everyone guessing about how you will wow them next!

The Most Exciting Lingerie Trend of 2023

Our hot pink All Access Pass Bodystocking gives you passage anywhere you please. With daring diamond cutouts and an almost open back that teases, this lingerie trend aims to please even the most discerning eye. For a more playful style, think about the Leaf It To Me 2-Piece Short Set. Netted with a carefully selected floral design for extra pop, this comfortable ensemble is relaxing enough to make you feel like you are in another dimension. If you really want a special piece that gives a surprising nod to the bold and colorful trend, consider the Bare It All Lace Mesh Teddy in blue. A subtle insertion of a classic jewel tone will really make your bedroom wardrobe sing.

The Sexiest Lingerie Trend of 2023

Some of the most sultry selections are also our most salacious and we love that for you! The sexiest lingerie trend of 2023 is a more classic style with a bit of cheek - and we mean that literally and figuratively. Classic style with a wink is what’s making us hot and bothered this upcoming season. The Naughty Play Bondage Teddy is best in show, managing a classic silhouette with just a wink of fabric. The High Waist Bow Back panties are sweet and sexy at first glance but add just a dash of naughty with its crotchless design. The 2-Piece Mesh Teddy is a classic design that is a perfect example of next season’s sexiest lingerie trend, including its deep v collar and mesh see-through fabric. It comes with a pair of chained cuffs as a playful nod to kink.

Keeping your lingerie fashion trendy can be difficult to stay abreast of. With a keen eye and a little guidance, you can easily have the most well-rounded lingerie trend of 2023!