Lingerie Gift Guide

Lingerie Gift Guide

Casually strolling through a mall, you see a sexy little number that you KNOW would look sexy on your partner. Do you go in and buy it, and head straight home eager for her to try it on? Sorry, but no. Shopping for women requires a delicate touch and a little finesse but don’t worry. We’re here to lay it all out in this comprehensive guide to purchasing a lingerie gift for that special someone.

Lingerie Gift Guide

There’s so much messaging in the media about what a woman’s body should look like, and what defines sexy, that shopping for women is overwhelming for women to begin with. Having someone else shop for them, especially for the sole purpose of that someone’s gaze, can be a lot of pressure. If you’re thinking of purchasing lingerie gifts for her, it could be daunting for you, as well.

The simplest way to know for sure is to ask and keep in mind that your last partner’s preferences on this have no place in your current relationship. Part of this conversation should be about what makes them feel sexy. It can be incredibly tempting to get something you absolutely love, but if you are new to this, here’s an insider tip when shopping for women: what you want might not make them feel sexy, and thus, they won’t feel confident.

If you get something that makes her feel great, she’s more likely to have an alluring confidence that gets both of you going. That assuredness can carry over to your next randy romp, and your idea of what’s sexy may no longer be as intimidating.

Remember, the trick here is that even though the visual stimulation is for you, shopping for women should be about making them feel good about themselves while they look good for you. Even if the whole idea is to buy lingerie gifts for her, the visual is still for you, and in this way, you both win.

How to Buy Lingerie

Consider your giftee

From the aforementioned conversation, you should have an idea of the style she’s going for. Some styles are more flattering than others, so ask the salesperson, or look for models with a similar build. Also, consider the personality of the person you are purchasing lingerie gifts for. Are they bold or more demure? Are they a fun-loving goofball or a super-serious pragmatist?

Does she like a more conservative style that covers more skin? Consider a chemise that hangs from the shoulders. It can be loose like a babydoll chemise or form-fitting like a chemise with a garter belt.

Maybe she’s into something a little more revealing. Some lingerie is meant to be more colorful and lounge-like, like the More Color Body Suit, while others are more traditionally sexy like the Strappy Teddy. If she’s down to bare all she can dare, think about getting something like a body harness that leaves nothing to the imagination, while allowing your mind to wander, all at the same time. You don’t have to stop here with your salacious selection. For a sweet but seductive vibe, consider the floral lace crotchless thongs.

If you want to add a little spice to your evening, the crotchless panty and mask set will reveal her inner kink goddess… among other things.

If you really want to create a fantasy, role-playing might be the way to go. If either of you has a stripper fantasy, it’s as easy as adding a stiletto to an inviting bodysuit like the Pink Fake News or the Flight Risk Sheer.   Maybe pretending your partner is a bartender up for a little fun is the way to go, and this Fishnet Mini Skirt Set creates the right vibe. If you REALLY want to commit to the role-playing idea, why not try an actual costume? Molly the Maid, Nurse Feel Good, and Teacher’s Pet are all easy roles to slip into, and who doesn’t like to switch things up, especially when considering lingerie gifts for her?

Unsure about lingerie sizing?

You’ll also need to consider her size and build. If you want to surprise her, check her bra and panty sizes by looking in her drawers or laundry. It’s much easier to match sizes when you have a good place to start. Also, remember that sizes change from country to country and where the garment was made will determine what the sizing on the label means. Don’t be afraid to do your homework and use a sizing chart to make sure the information you have is correct.

Something to keep in mind when shopping for women is that not all sizes are created equal. What may fit on top, may not fit around the waist. The perfect size may not also be the perfect length so your partner’s build is important to consider. Is she a curvy girl or very tall? Is she slim but with a very blessed bosom or booty?

Remember: You can always just ask. It may ruin the surprise, but it doesn’t have to. Think about asking one of her trusted friends to check for you. You could also consider buying a "one-size" robe or loungewear.

Once you know the style and size, you want to think about colors and fabrics. Black can be very slimming and sexy, while red is considered bold and alluring. Pink is thought of as sweet and innocent and tends to sell a fantasy.

Many lingerie choices are made of silk and satin, but polyester, spandex, and rayon are common fabric choices that are easier to care for and breathe much better. At René Rofé, we have a wide expanse of fabrics that are cool, stretchy, and breathable. We’ve built our brand on comfortable and functional undergarments and sleepwear, and this carries over into our sexy lingerie line.

Best Lingerie Gifts


Wireless Push-Up Bra - This bra features a deep plunge in a racy red. Its simple design makes it perfect for pairing with more dramatic pieces. Try it under a kimono or wear it with a sexy panty and garter combo.

Convertible Strapless Push-Up Bra - This demi-style bra has removable straps that can be arranged to accommodate any dress or lingerie. Cross in front to go under a halter or simply remove the straps to create a shelf of cleavage.

Stretch Lace Unpadded Bras - This bra offers more coverage, and features a feminine scalloped lace design. The see-through lace creates a balance between decorous and demure.


All Tied Up Open Back Panty - This seemingly innocent pair of panties has a sexy secret in the back. With a crisscrossed ribbon tied into a dainty bow, this cheeky little number highlights the hiney.

Attention Seeker Open Back Panty - With a see-through mesh front and a revealing scalloped lace open buttocks design, this panty will get you into the best kind of trouble.

Lie To Me Crotchless Panty - Regardless of the name, this number tells no lies and keeps no secrets. The playful yet naughty design is perfect for the woman who knows what she wants but likes playing coy.

Sexy Lingerie

Push Up Babydoll with Matching G-String Thong - The ultimate in creating a fantasy, this babydoll style chemise gives you sweetness with a wink. The see-through flowy mesh material cascades from the lacy push-up bra and comes with a matching thong. Three colors available.

Masquerade Mask Dress - Create a mystery with no guessing games. This stretchy form-fitting dress has a diamond cut wide mesh netting that unlocks your secrets. The attached mask can be pulled down to create a turtleneck-style collar.

Barely There Crotchless Bodystocking - Looking sexy is only part of the party. Feeling sexy is exactly what you will be doing when you don this lace and mesh off-the-shoulder crotchless and bootyless body stocking. Only for the bold!

There’s a lot to keep track of when shopping for women, but with a little research and attention to detail, you can easily make the best choices when buying lingerie gifts for her that make you both feel good. With options ranging from classy to trashy, completely covered to baring it all, and any fantasy you can imagine, there’s something for everyone. If you still can’t decide, no worries. A René Rofé gift card is one size fits all… and that goes for styling, too!