Best Winter Wear for Women

Best Winter Wear for Women by René Rofé

With wintertime right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the season with warm and comfy clothing to keep you cozy during the chilly months. Especially during the holidays, the best winter wear for women is going to become your most reliable for getting the best sleep before and after hectic family gatherings. 

During cold months, it can be a challenge to find sleepwear that provides the right amount of comfort and warmth without getting too hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. Oftentimes, it might seem like a good idea to bundle up before bed, but the results will be that you overdressed for the occasion. When you choose the right sleepwear, you’ll be destined for a good night’s sleep and will be more likely to wake up feeling refreshed.

Luckily, finding the best winter wear for women doesn’t have to be a difficult task. René Rofé offers several options in materials and fashionable sleepwear styles to keep you feeling warm and relaxed throughout the winter season. From fabrics that protect from the cold without making you feel too hot or requiring multiple layers to fun matching sets you’ll want to wear out to holiday brunch, here are some tips for finding the best winter wear for women.

Cozy and Comfortable Materials

One of the most effortless ways to choose the best winter wear for women is to pay attention to the material that the item is made of. Polyester and rayon are popular options for sleepwear because they are versatile materials that are perfect for winter. Clothing that is made from polyester and rayon is long-lasting and doesn’t absorb moisture like other materials. These materials are used to make the best winter wear for women because they provide warmth while also remaining breathable throughout the night. 

Rayon and polyester are materials that are perfect for all kinds of weather, and if necessary, clothes made from polyester or rayon (including blends) can be easily layered without feeling too bulky. These materials also are machine washable to keep items clean for nightly wear, which is great because the best winter wear for women should be items that they can count on!

Oversized Sleepwear

Oversized sleepwear such as the 2-Pack Lightweight Sleep Shirt can provide the non-restricting comfort that you need to get the most comfortable sleep. It is among the best winter wear for women because its flowy design and polyester blend material make it extremely breathable, however, it still features a comfortable length that provides the necessary coverage to keep you warm and cozy. In addition to its comfortable material and design, this 2-Pack by René Rofé features adorable patterns that you’ll want to stay dressed in all — while lounging in comfort — all day long.

Joggers and Sweatpants

Another trendy clothing item that’s ideal for the winter is joggers and sweatpants. Women's jogger pajamas, such as the styles offered by René Rofé, are the best winter wear for women because they are perfect for lounging around in all day. Joggers, particularly when they’re made from a polyester blend, are super soft and extremely breathable. They can be worn around the home or out to run a quick errand.

In addition to comfort, joggers are the best winter wear for women because they are ultra-stylish! If you’re looking for a fun, celestial print that will shine in the bedroom as well as at the grocery store, check out this 2 Pack Jogger Sleep Pants Stars that would surely be a great addition to your comfy outfit. 

If you’re more into wild prints, check out René Rofé Sleepwear Women’s Lightweight Hacci 2-Pack Joggers that includes a leopard print and a snake print that would be a sexy bottom to wear out to brunch. 

2-Pack Jogger Sleep Pants by René Rofé Shop the 2 Pack Jogger Sleep Pants Stars at $39.99

Sleepwear to Help You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

For the ultimate convenience, the best winter wear for women includes sets that include a top and a matching bottom that makes putting together an outfit effortless. A 2-pack set, such as the Women’s Hacci Capri Sleepwear Set, offers two complete sets that can also be mixed and matched — meaning that you ultimately wind up with 4 outfits to choose from! 

In addition to offering value, they are made from breathable materials that are lightweight to keep you comfortable through the day and night, especially in the winter.