Taking a Bite of the Apple: The Best Lingerie for an Apple Shape

Taking a Bite of the Apple: The Best Lingerie for an Apple Shape - Live. Love. Lace. a fashion blog by Réné Rofé

Taking a Bite of the Apple: The Best Lingerie for an Apple Shape

An apple shape is a body that is wider up top, including broad shoulders or bodies that are carrying more in their midsection. While this may sound like it may be limiting in fashion, there are a lot of options for finding the best lingerie for an apple shape.

While an apple shape doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s body is disproportionate, it does often mean that one’s waistline isn’t very well-defined and help may be needed to enhance the hips and backside to create that hourglass shape.

Shape-Enhancing Sets

The key to finding the best lingerie for an apple shape is often to look for styles that either deemphasize the top or alternatively provide a lot of control to slim the waist. Two-piece sets are often the best lingerie for an apple shape because they offer the flexibility and room in the hip area to further enhance your shape.

The best lingerie for an apple shape that is wider up top includes flowy tops that will drape your upper body to enhance your bust while creating a slimmer waist. The 2-Piece Lace Chemise Babydoll with G-String Set features a halter top to bring attention to the cleavage with a flattering lace band right under the bust. The soft, sheer chemise lands right at the hip area to bring attention to your bottom half, while also providing sensual coverage to leave plenty to the imagination. The set also includes a revealing G-String that allows you to show off your derriere in all its glory. By enhancing your hips and bottom, you even out shape and thus create the hourglass figure that you desire.

Another style of a two-piece set that is the best lingerie for an apple shape will slim and contour the upper half with a form-fitting design that provides support. The Lurex Lace Bustier With G-String Set comes in an eye-catching red color that immediately commands attention. This set offers the ultimate control and support for top-heavy bodies, keeping the girls snugly contained and lifted with underwear and push-up cups to give you sexy cleavage that you’ll want to show off. Sheer mesh along the sides of the bustier cinch at the waist to create a flattering shape. This style also features a delicate ribbon band at the waist to further bring attention to your slimmest point. Pair the bustier with the matching lace G-string to showcase your shapely hips, thighs, and rear.

One-Piece Smoothing

As we have mentioned, the best lingerie for an apple shape is often a piece that is form-fitting with enough stretch to accommodate your curves while showcasing your silhouette. Dresses are often recommended for an apple shape because they provide coverage and support along the core to slim the waist. Dresses are the best lingerie for an apple shape because they still feature skin — your legs, drawing people to this area, which will provide an elongating effect to your body.

The Fishnet Full-Length Sleeves Babydoll is the dress that you will definitely say yes to if you have an apple shape that you want to add some curves too. Another key to finding the best lingerie for an apple shape is to look for styles with a lower neckline that will enhance and draw attention to your cleavage. This fishnet babydoll features a sexy low neckline that clings to the shoulders and its long sleeves slim the arms and upper body to flatter an apple shape. Made of sheer all-over lace, this baby doll offers plenty of views of skin while its form-fitting design hugs curves to create a sensual hourglass silhouette.

Apple Bottoms

An apple shape is most often characterized by smaller hips and derriere that can make the upper part of the body appear larger. In addition to deemphasizing the top half of an apple shape, enhancing the rear will also balance out a bottom that appears to not be proportionate with a larger upper body.

The 5-Pack Floral Lace Hipster Set is a must-have for an apple shape. Available in a selection of neutral colors, these panties feature a beautiful floral lace that will disappear seamlessly beneath clothing. The soft, lacy panties allow your natural curves to stand out as they comfortably sit at the hips without creating any unsightly lumps or bulges. These panties are also made for enhancing the booty with a light scrunching on the backside to enhance your curves. Wear these hipsters under a dress or skirt to add some sexy junk to your truck and balance out a wider upper body to create that desired hourglass shape.

The beauty of having an apple shape is there are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect lingerie. With the right lingerie piece or matching set, you can easily go from an apple shape to a voluptuous, curvy figure.