How To Pick Your Bra Size

How To Pick Your Bra Size

The Go To Guide For How To Wear Your Bra


Band Riding Up- The band of your bra should sit just beneath your shoulder blades. To prevent it from riding up you can loosen the straps or tighten the band. Otherwise, a smaller band might be necessary.

Band Digging In- Loosen the band if it is pressing uncomfortably into your chest, back, and/or ribs. Otherwise, a wider band or a larger size band might be necessary.

Straps Digging In- Loosen straps to prevent them from digging in or try wearing a bra with padded straps. The band of your bra should be supporting your bust the most—not the straps—so if your straps continue to dig in, you may need a smaller band.

Slipping Straps- Straps usually start sliding off the shoulders because they stretch out over time. Otherwise, your current cup size may be an improper fit, leading to the straps being too wide for your body.

Bulging Sides- Your bra band is too small if your bust is bulging. Remedy this by getting a bra with a larger band or one with cups that cover more area.

Overflowing Cups- If you’re overflowing, you need a bigger bra size. This will make sure your bust is comfortably held and supported.

Gapping Cups- There will be space between the cup of your bra and your skin if the cup is too large. Find a smaller size that will sit closer to your chest.

Dropping Bustline- Shorten your straps to fix a dropping bustline, and double check that there aren’t any gaps between your cups and your bust.

Poking Underwires- Your cup may be either too big or too small. If it’s too large the wire is moving around and irritating your skin, while if it’s too small the wire is pressing tightly against your chest.